Start Spinning Webs for Pronunciation and Listening

PCI #24, Tuesday, March 20, 2007    1-5 pm


Sample Exercises Using Hot Potatoes


Note:  These are grouped by type of exercise.  To access the student site, where activities are grouped by topic, please visit Holly’s Corner.


Flashcards (using JMatch)

¯ Phonetics Flashcards: Vowels 1—with audio

¯ Phonetics Flashcards with audio and images

¯ Syllables 1—with audio


Matching (using JMatch)

¯ Mouth Match 1 (drag and drop picture to text)

¯ Word Stress Matching 1 (drag and drop text to text)

¯ Word Stress Matching 2 (drop-down list; text to text)


Cloze (using JCloze)

¯ Unstressed & Reduced Syllables Cloze (with audio)

¯ Can & Can’t Cloze (with audio)

¯ Word Stress Cloze 1—(with audio)


Crosswords (using JCross)

¯ Syllables & Stress Crossword (with audio)


Jumbled-Sentence (using JMix)

¯ Listening Mix-up 1 (with audio)

¯ Syllable Scramble 1

¯ Syllable Scramble 2


Multiple Choice (using JQuiz)

¯ Word Stress Patterns 1 (with audio)



Sample Unit using Hot Potatoes

¯ Word Stress—a sequenced series of activities to introduce word stress




Sample Exercises Using Question Tools

¯ Sample word stress activities—3 connected audio activities

¯ Looking at Limericks—a short unit that uses limericks to practice syllables and stress