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Getting ESL online with course management systems

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More and more teachers are using some form of course management system (CMS) in their teaching. Systems such as WebCT or Blackboard are like Swiss army knives-a multitude of available features allow teachers to pick and choose the tools they need. Most of all, CMS are not just for courses that are taught entirely online. They can be used as a supplement to coursework, a communication tool outside of class, or even for in-class activities.

What works? What doesn't? And why? In this session, the presenters will talk about best practices using CMS tools. In particular, they will discuss tailoring usage based on student population, educational setting (distance, face-to-face, hybrid, supplement), course goals, and learning activities. They will share sample activities they created for different groups of learners in different settings-everything from face-to-face classes to distance ed, and everything in between. They will also demonstrate some multimedia content. The presenters will then explain how to get started using CMS and discuss what pitfalls to avoid.

Participants will receive a handout and that includes URLs for articles about best practices in CMS, popular CMS tools, how-tos, and example activities. A companion website will also be available.

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